sun OCT 6: seska: Quack, quack, Bang.


crazier than finding a penguin in your fridge, seska
performs incredibly silly magic tricks for all ages!

Bang! Turbo-charged Seska throws buckets of happiness into the air, in this brilliantly inventive magical show for all ages.

Entertaining crowds from Mumbai to Trinidad, Seska is also a firm favourite at Camp Bestival !

It's super-hilarious magic.
SESKA sold out here in 2018 so get your tickets quick! Available online (with booking fee) or in cafe (with tea).


"My kids loved him”
Jonathan ross

, quick fire energy means that even the most fidgety of children will be spellbound for 50 minutes of silliness"
broadway baby


temperance bar, bath street, 4Pm. £6 + BOOKING FEE